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With Advent just around the corner (this year it begins on November 30), the coming season is on my mind. I am all for not rushing into the next season before this one is done (though Ordinary Time does go on for such a long stretch and I’m about ready for a shift), but I did treat myself to one Christmas CD this weekend (the wondrous La Bela Naissença: Christmas Carols from Provence) to inspire me as I worked on a new print. The print features the twenty-five collages that I created last year for my other blog, The Advent Door. Inspired by the tradition of the Advent calendar, which offers a treat for each day between December 1 and 25, I created a collage and reflection for each of those days.

The new print is available on my web site, either by visiting the main page at or by going straight to the Color Prints page. With its invitation to cross the thresholds of Advent with a mindfulness that sometimes eludes us in the weeks leading to Christmas, it makes a nifty gift for yourself and others. I’d be delighted for you to stop by and check it out, and also to pay a visit to The Advent Door, where I’ll be painting some new doors as the next season gets rolling.

Until then, may the presence of God linger close to you in these ordinary days.

3 Responses to “News from the Studio”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    As one captivated by all things doors, I can easily catch my breath when I check your posts; such is the case today….delicious.

  2. Jan Richardson Says:

    Thanks, Carolyn! I appreciate your shared fondness for doors and the threshold-y images you’ve sent my way across the years. And thanks, too, for the pre-congrats you offered in your comment last week!

  3. Kelvin Wright Says:

    Your posts are always worth visiting as much for what they look like as for what they say – you score on both counts. Your book In Wisdom’s Path arrived in my mailbox from today – beautiful.

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