Snowed Under

Jan + Garrison in Minnesota

This week finds me settling back in from a splendid trip to Virginia. Many thanks to Deborah Lewis, director of The Wesley Foundation at the University of Virginia, and to Elizabeth Foss, pastor of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Charlottesville, for collaborating on the events of this past weekend and for their excellent hospitality. Between this trip and my recent foray to Minnesota with Gary, this Floridian has gotten a lovely dose of winter.

I’ve quite enjoyed being back in the blogging groove the past few months, but once again I am coming up against certain realities involved in major commitments I’ve made. The recent travels, combined with planning Gary’s and my wedding this spring (wahoo!), looking for a house that we can make a home (we signed the lease yesterday), and finally wrapping up the last few pieces of my new book (the main part of which I sent to the publisher months ago, but the final bits have been lingering…), are making for a pretty wild pace. I say all this simply to let you know that things may be a little sporadic here at The Painted Prayerbook for a bit. Please don’t go too far; though I may not be able to post on a weekly basis just now, I’ll continue to offer new art and reflections as I can.

In the midst of the sporadic-ness, I want to let you know that I still have plenty of resources on hand to accompany you through the days of Lent and Easter. There are lots of images for the season (and the whole year) over at Jan Richardson Images, where you can download individual images or, with an annual subscription, you can have unlimited access to all the images for a year. You can browse previous blog reflections for the season at Painted Prayerbook-Lent and Painted Prayerbook-Easter. Copies of my book Garden of Hollows: Entering the Mysteries of Lent & Easter are available through or directly from me.

For other Lenten offerings, including art prints, I invite you to visit my post Looking toward Lent.

In other news, I want to mention that I’m booking a limited number of retreats and workshops for Fall 2010 through Spring 2011. I travel in whatever direction the Spirit blows, so if you’d like to be in conversation about an event, I’d love to talk with you. You can contact me by leaving a comment below (if you’re contacting me specifically to inquire about scheduling an event, know that I won’t publish the comment but will respond to you directly). I’m particularly working to offer events with Garrison Doles, an amazing musician and creative collaborator who brings many gifts to this kind of setting. You can find out more about his ministry and hear his music at the Song Chapel.

Please know that I’m holding you in prayer in these Lenten days and am grateful for your prayers and good thoughts for me in this wild and wondrous time. Blessings!

8 Responses to “Snowed Under”

  1. Sunrise Sister Says:

    Look forward to your posts when they come. Your site is on my feed list so I’ll be notified when you post – you’ve a full plate of JOYOUS occasions in the works, savor them:) xoxo

  2. phyllis thomas Says:

    Enjoy these days and don’t rush them. There will never be a Season quite like this one! May all pieces fall into place like you dream them to be, under the LORD’S control. Looking for what and whenever it appears. :)

  3. Cindy Says:

    Just stopping in to let you know I got the prints today!! GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much!

    Enjoy your snowy days… and the joyous anticipation of your nuptials!


  4. Anne Says:

    I really need to settle into a time and spirit to write you at length, but for the time being I simply want to thank you for your posts and wish you blessings on the tasks and happenings that fill your life right now. Joy and peace to you. You share both so well.

  5. Maureen Says:

    A wonderful picture of you and Gary!

    Wishing you blessings.

  6. Melynne Rust Says:

    I’m so happy you and Gary found a home! May it be a space of sacred blessings for you and all who enter. I will hold both of you in my heart as you continue your preparations.

  7. Marcia Says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and new home! I’ve been teaching a Lenten SoulCollage® class at our church – I used your last year’s Lent Blogs for ideas. Thanks!

  8. Lori Says:

    Miss your postings…….your meditations. Have been praying for you through your marriage and into your new home. I look forward to your blogs etc to stimulate my mind and guide me through preparing my own messages to our Communion congregation on Wed. nights

    Hurry Back! ( but when you and God are ready)

    Blessings and joy


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