Day 15: A Tent for the Sun

A Tent for the Sun © Jan L. Richardson

In the heavens God has set a tent for the sun.
—Psalm 19.4b

From a lectionary reading for Lent 3: Psalm 19

Reflection for Friday, March 9 (Day 15 of Lent)

Sun Blessing

That what it reveals
we will have no cause
to fear.

That what it illumines
we will greet
with joy.

That each place
where it rises
will be at peace
and every place
where it sets
will be at rest.

That we will bless
what lives in its path.

That we will blaze
with its gracious light.

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6 Responses to “Day 15: A Tent for the Sun”

  1. David Herbert Says:

    Another beautiful blessing. Thank you Jan.

    • Jan Richardson Says:

      Thank you, David! I’m grateful for your words and your presence here. I wish you many blessings in these Lenten days.

  2. Maureen Says:

    Lovely poem, Jan, and, as always, beautiful artwork.

  3. Lisa Degrenia Says:

    Many thanks from solar-powered, Florida-girl for another inspiring blessing

    • Jan Richardson Says:

      Thank you, my solar-powered sister! Very grateful for your words here, and for the words you offer on your splendid blog. Blessings to you in these Lenten days and beyond!

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