A Women’s Christmas Gift for You

Image: Wise Women Also Came © Jan L. Richardson

These three wise women are stopping by with a gift for you. In celebration of Women’s Christmas, which is observed in some parts of the world on Epiphany/January 6, I’ve created a retreat for you. Designed for you to use on Women’s Christmas or whenever you need a space of respite and reflection, the retreat (which you can download as a PDF) offers readings, art, and blessings that invite you to take a pilgrimage into your own life.

There’s no cost for the retreat; it’s a Women’s Christmas gift especially for you! You’re welcome to share it with friends. For a link to the retreat and more about Women’s Christmas, visit this page at my Sanctuary of Women blog:

Women’s Christmas: The Map You Make Yourself

A Merry Women’s Christmas and Blessed Epiphany to you!

4 Responses to “A Women’s Christmas Gift for You”

  1. Sheldon Curry Says:

    This is splendid. What a gift. I hope we meet someday. Thanks. SC

  2. Englepappa Says:

    Hey! Just dropped by your site, and I really like your paintings and poems! Another way to get deeper into the bible texts, and that’s good for both heart and brain!

    God bless your work

  3. Sue Albright Says:

    What a wonderful gift, Jan. Thank you! I will cherish this and find a special time to begin… Peace on your journey, Sister!

  4. Gerry Gospe Says:

    Thank you, Jan for your Gift. We (a women’s group) are grateful for your kindness and will enjoy entering into our sacred space with your words – that are more than words, but Spirit and Grace. A wonderful way to begin the New Year. We will be using the retreat for as many weeks as it takes us. This week begins with setting up and our intentions. We have been fans of your for many years and continue to read Night Visions and In Wisdom’s Path during the year.


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