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In the wake of Garrison’s death, Jan is taking some time away from events as she discerns the path ahead and works on new projects, including some new books (see her latest book, The Cure for Sorrow, here). She looks forward to offering a new online retreat for Advent 2018.

Visit Past Events to see where the road has taken Jan.

11 Responses to “Upcoming Events”

  1. phyllis thomas Says:

    wow, you are on the road! Blessings to you as you bless so many others by sharing your gifts. May God anoint you with all you need during this travel/giving season.

  2. Carolyn Sargent Says:

    …didn’t anyone tell you it’s WINTER in Minnesota?? The folks must have warm welcoming spirits! Enjoy – such a wonderful smorgasbord you are offering, Jan. Blessings on the way…..

    • Jan Richardson Says:

      Many thanks, Carolyn! One of my Minnesota friends, hearing that I’m coming up, asked, “Are you crazy?” I’m really looking forward to the trip but also really wishing that St. Brigid’s feast day (which prompted the timing of the invitation) fell in the middle of summer and not in the depths of winter! It’ll be good for building character, I’m sure. Thanks for your blessings.

  3. Karen Turner Says:

    Any possibility you might be visiting Northern California at any time?

    • Jan Richardson Says:

      Many thanks for asking, Karen. I don’t have Northern California on my calendar at present, but I’m always open to invitations and would be delighted to get out that way!

  4. Kate Says:

    Evening, Jan,

    Do you ever get up to the Northeast area, New York, New Jersey? It would be lovely to see you. Have you ever heard of the Kirkridge Retreat Center and Columcille in Bangor, PA? I often think that you would like this beautiful place.

    Enjoy your travels, and many blessings to you this Lent.


    • Jan Richardson Says:

      Kate! I was updating this page and realized I hadn’t responded to you—I’m so very sorry! Thanks for your words. It’s been a good while since I’ve done an event in the Northeast but I would love to get back there. (My husband and I did go to NYC for our honeymoon and are eager to spend more time there!)

      I’ve been hearing about Kirkridge for years, thinking I would like to make its acquaintance! One day… Had not heard of Columcille in PA but just visited their website—looks lovely.

      If you know of any opportunities in the Northeast, I’d be happy to hear…I go wherever the Spirit blows.

      Much gratitude and many blessings to you in this new year!

  5. Kate Says:

    Hi Jan,
    Not to worry, I know how busy you have been! I am happy you had the chance to visit the Columcille website. It is truly a magical and spiritual place, and I consider myself lucky to live so close to it. I hope to go there at the end of the month for its next celebration of the Celtic Year. Kirkridge is next to Columcille, so one could visit both at the same time. Perhaps one of these days you might…anyway, still enjoying Sanctuary of Women. I am so grateful for your insights and thoughts on The Painted Prayerbook and throughout the year. I tend to read your books slowly…and then all over again! Take good care and may God always bless and keep you, Kate

  6. donna leavitt Says:

    Dear Jan,
    I want to thank-you for the poem
    “For those Who Have Far to Travel”
    I lost my son, he was 47 and left 2 beautiful children, your poem so spoke to my heart. When I gave birth to him at the age of 19 I was terrified, and I so remember holding him as he nestled into my neck, and as your poem so speaks …If we could see the journey whole we might never undertake it…but also the joy…just wanted to share that you touched my heart …and I thank-you.

    • Jan Richardson Says:

      Dear Donna,

      In responding to your comment at “Gathering the Fragments” just now, I realized that I had failed to respond to the comment you left here earlier this year; please forgive me, and know that I was (and am) so grateful to receive your words. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in writing and in sharing this piece of your own story with me. I wish you and your family deep peace as you remember your son. Thank you again.

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