Listening at the Cross

One of the things I love about having Garrison Doles in my life is getting to collaborate with him in a variety of venues, from retreats to worship to workshops and beyond. I’m delighted to announce our latest collaboration, this time in the digital realm. We have just released a new video titled Listening at the Cross: The Seven Last Words of Christ, which intertwines my artwork and Gary’s music.

The images in the video come from the series I created for the book Listening at Golgotha, Peter Storey’s series of reflections on Christ’s words from the cross. Peter is a friend whose ministry has included serving as the bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and as the chaplain to Nelson Mandela during his years in prison. As one might imagine, this pastor who spent much of his ministry engaged in the struggle against apartheid has some distinctive insights into the crucifixion of Christ—as well as his resurrection.

Gary’s haunting song “This Crown of Thorns,” from his CD Draw Us Closer, accompanies the images. As always, working with his words and music draws me deeper into my own creative work, and it is a delight to offer you this marriage of song and image in this Lenten season. We pray that in these days, Listening at the Cross will invite you into an evocative space of quiet and contemplation as we journey with Christ not only to the cross but also to what lies beyond it.

In addition to launching the video on YouTube, we are also releasing it at the very cool Vimeo site, where you can view it here. To share the video in worship and related settings, you can find a high-resolution version by visiting Listening at the Cross on the Jan Richardson Images website. As always, using the Jan Richardson Images site helps make possible the ministry that I offer at The Painted Prayerbook and beyond. And downloading the video will support Gary’s ministry as well!

Know that we are grateful to be on the path with you, and we wish you many blessings in these Lenten days.

9 Responses to “Listening at the Cross”

  1. Maureen Says:

    Lovely collaboration, Jan!

  2. Barbara Rimes Says:

    Beautiful, Jan. Thank you so much.

  3. Marcey Corey Says:

    Jan, where does this come from? So deep within you. The Holy Spirit speaks through you in such a special way. I am inspired and encouraged by your creative work and looking forward to reading your new book which I just received!

  4. Janice J. Suskey Says:

    Nice. Always good to receive your offerings, Jan.

  5. Sandra Lypps Says:

    Hello Jan:

    I love this video and was wondering if I might be able to use it for a service in holy week? Please let me know if this is possible

    Thank you

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