Pentecost: When We Breathe Together

Image: Tongues as of Fire © Jan L. Richardson

Reading from the Book of Acts, Day of Pentecost: Acts 2.1-21

When We Breathe Together
A Blessing for Pentecost Day

This is the blessing
we cannot speak
by ourselves.

This is the blessing
we cannot summon
by our own devices,
cannot shape
to our purpose,
cannot bend
to our will.

This is the blessing
that comes
when we leave behind
our aloneness
when we gather
when we turn
toward one another.

This is the blessing
that blazes among us
when we speak
the words
strange to our ears

when we finally listen
into the chaos

when we breathe together
at last.

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7 Responses to “Pentecost: When We Breathe Together”

  1. Linda Goddard Says:

    Oh Jan! These pieces are so full with Pentecost experience! Thank you for creating and sharing them!

  2. Linda Goddard Says:

    And another of your lovely and sacred blessings!

  3. Susan Says:

    “The blessing that leaves our aloneness” Powerful image.

  4. Anne Regan Says:

    “When we finally listen into the chaos” — what a beautiful rendering of the relief that yielding brings. Thank you!

  5. Rev. Amy Camp Says:

    Grateful for your ministry!
    Met you and bought your book
    In Orlando at PW Gathering 3 years ago…

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