Opening The Advent Door

Image: Crossing the Threshold  © Jan Richardson

I can testify that the message of Advent still holds:
with hope, with grace, with love, God takes flesh
and meets us when we have become most hopeless,
most broken, most lost.

—from Advent 1: A Decade at The Advent Door

Friends, it’s time to open The Advent Door again! It’s been ten years since I began my blog for Advent and Christmas. I have loved entering deeply into the season with words and images and finding the treasures that wait for us in these days, even—and sometimes especially—when the days are something other than merry and bright. This year, I’ll be gathering up some of those treasures from across the past decade and sharing them as we travel toward Christmas. I would love for you to join me there!

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As we prepare to cross the threshold into Advent, I send you much gratitude and many blessings. I look forward to meeting you back here at The Painted Prayerbook in the new year!

4 Responses to “Opening The Advent Door”

  1. Elaine Perry Says:

    Blessings Jan,

  2. Darcy Says:

    Thank you for the reminder in my email. I love your Advent and Christmas posts. They always put me in a reflective mood instead of reactive mode. All the best for you.

  3. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for reminding me what Advent is really about. Much appreciated,

    Blessings on you Jan

  4. Ff Says:

    Thank you very much for holding the creativity with the spirit. I find you in the book of proverbs. 8. 30.
    Godde keep you.
    Fr. Jose kaleekel. Kerala. India.

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