Jan Richardson

Jan Richardson is an artist, author (visit her Books page), United Methodist minister, and director of The Wellspring Studio, LLC. When folks ask her where The Wellspring Studio is, she says, Wherever I am, there it is… She would love for you to pay a virtual visit to the studio at janrichardson.com.

Widely known for her distinctive intertwining of word and image, Jan frequently collaborated in retreats and conferences with her husband, the singer/songwriter Garrison Doles, until his sudden death in December 2013.

The Painted Prayerbook is a blog that explores the intersections of writing, art, and faith, and a few other things besides. For more info, please visit About The Painted Prayerbook.

26 Responses to “Jan Richardson”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Your thoughts on Jesus in discernment are so helpful to my thinking.

    And just think, I randomly clicked on your website.

    Perhaps Brother Masseo was onto something…


  2. Dee Says:

    Thank you for your comments on the Ascension– particularly about the blessing…I found them to be insightful.

  3. doug. purnell Says:

    jan, preparing for worship. discovered your site…I’m an australian minister artist writer (visited wesley seminary in washington dc two times as artist in residence, ANTS in Boston as artist in residence and eacher… published conversation as ministry with pilgrim press,,,, read robin jensens book before it was published) mostly wanted to connect and share our recent projects… on our website above are the images from our stations of the cross projects 2007 and 2008 I wrote a pastorally informed commentary on st francis stations of the cross (commentary on website alongside images), then asked 15 leading australian artists each to produce a station for an exhibition… you will find it of interest…. For advent this year I have written 15 stations of creation and birth and have asked 15 composers each to produce a new piece of music to be played in an advent concert…. I’m hopeful of coming to US in second half of next year… be good to be in touch, Doug. Purnell

  4. Diane Roth Says:

    What a wonderful blog! what wonderful art! thank you!

  5. Anthony Sutton Says:

    Thank you so much for the inspirational art and thoughts on the lectionary!

  6. bernadette cronin-geller Says:

    I love your book on women journey and use daily since 2000. Happy to google and thus find reflection for 6/23 my wedding anniversary…at 73 I still need to ask where can I extend a welcome and receive one Thank you and God bless

  7. Diana Seago, OSB Says:

    Jan, I surely do hope you will be doing your Advent Blog again this year. It is so wonderful!

  8. Kate Taylor Says:


    I have read most of your books over the past decade or so, starting with Sacred Journeys, A Woman’s Book of Daily Prayer. Your profound insights, thoughtful commentaries, and exquisite artwork are a continuing inspiration to me in so many ways.

    I always look forward to reading your blog almost daily and to Advent as well!

    Thank you and many blessings to you,

  9. Pastor Tim Christensen Says:

    I wonder if you have any idea what it’s like to be working frantically on a Friday afternoon, searching for inspiration, an image, some prayer… something, anything that will help finalize this Transfiguration Sunday worship bulletin I’m working on.

    Suddenly I’m stopped by an image: circles, light? obscured or seen through… what? a multitude of lenses? What IS this? I sit and stare at the image for several minutes. The point, I realize a little while later, is not to figure it out, assign it a name, or place it in some pigeonhole, but to recognize that I’ve been stopped. Isn’t that what Transfiguration is all about?

    Then to read, slowly, with savor, the words associated with that image… even though my colleague is preaching this weekend, I feel a message taking shape before my eyes. Huh… “overshadowed.” I actually GET it.

    Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jan. I’ll be visiting this site again, and I think it’s time to support your art (yes, you Lord, and yes, you Jan) with a few purchases. “Inspiration move me brightly, spiral light of Venus rising first and shining best…”

    Continued blessings on you so that we ALL may be graced,
    + Pastor Tim

  10. Maureen Says:

    Jan, thank you so much for visiting Writing Without Paper. I appreciate the link to Reflection Art Gallery. I think I’ll feature it in one of my All Art Friday editions. I love the exhibit Art Work by Children.


  11. Leslie Dobbs-Allsopp Says:

    Thank you Jan, you help me every week with sermon prep. I am grateful, Leslie D-A

  12. D'Vorah Says:

    Just found your site, thanks to a friend, and am struck by your recent posting. I am an ordained interfaith minister, and my ministry has become guest ministry that incorporates art making and creativity into the service. And, I too have found that collage silences the inner critic – the one that says, “your sister is the artist, not you”. So thanks for sharing your kindred soul! I have bookmarked your blog and will visit often :-)

  13. Rev John Oliver Says:

    Just discovered your website – thank you so much for the resource. I hope to use your gifts more over here on the other side of the pond. We’re a Anglo-American family who spent one year with the UMC Stateside., but are now back in Britain in a Church of England team parish on the edge of the new Forest. God’s joy in the New Year.

  14. Sharon R Hoover Says:

    Through a series of links on contemplative living, I am delighted to arrive at your blog. Your writings and artwork offer beautiful space for reflection! Thank you for sharing…I look forward to returning regularly!

  15. Richard Ward WIlson Says:

    I started reading you work before Christmas. All along I thought I was following you, but had only bookmarked your page. When I was working on a post for today and went to add your link from blogs that I follow you weren’t there. I added your link because you are a indeed a light to the world and I want to share you with those who follow me. You can find my post about you here: http://wp.me/p21pPl-bl

  16. Jagadeesh Says:

    Wonderful blog. Feels like you are writing from your heart

  17. Gail Churchill Says:

    Found you from the UMC website, which I seldom visit. I like your painting.
    Look forward to your comments on the Lectionary. Haven’t found a commentary I like enough to visit regularly.

  18. Alinda Dickinson Wasner Says:

    Such lovely work. I am wondering if I might possibly use your painting, The Wise Ones for the cover ofmy forthcoming first book of poems, Kissing the Ikons, which will be published by Finishing Line Press late summer 2013?
    What are your fees? It will likely be a small press run of about 500 copies or fewer.
    Thanks for considering the possibility!

    • Jan Richardson Says:

      Thank you, Alinda! I’d be very pleased for you to do this. I’ll be in touch with you directly. Blessings to you!

  19. Elaine Gibbel Says:

    I look forward to meeting you at the Presidential Forum at Bethany Theological Seminary in April.
    Wonderful to discover your website today. I am eager to see and hear more.
    Thank you for a truly “thin place” in the Celtic tradition and beautiful artistry.

  20. Kathy Haut Says:

    Would like your permission to use the meditation “Rend Your Heart” in an Ash Wednesday service at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center on February 13, 2013. And also, if anyone requests it to give copies with information that it is copyrighted material written by you and the blog where I found it. Thank you.

    • Jan Richardson Says:

      Hi, Kathy—Many thanks! Yes, I’m happy for you to use this. Blessings to you as you prepare for Ash Wednesday.

  21. Rafael Vallejo Says:

    Jan. I want to know what the “rules” are regarding picking passages from a book and posting them on Facebook with the proper credits of course. I would like to get your permission (or your publishers) to do that. Is it okay or not okay? I would like to quote from “In the Sanctuary of Women” Thank you much.

    • Jan Richardson Says:

      Rafael, many thanks! I’d be delighted for you to quote from In the Sanctuary of Women. Providing my name and the book’s title is all that’s needed for this kind of sharing. If it suits you to include a link to my main website, janrichardson.com, that would be lovely, but not required. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and support! I’m very grateful. Blessings to you in these Lenten days.

  22. Beth Yarborough Says:

    Jan, I just read the heartbreaking news of Gary’s death. I grieve with you and for you. Thoughts and prayers are coming your way. Peace. Beth

  23. DAve Tjart Says:

    I first heard “The table will be wide” this morning–what a tremendous blessing! Thank you–God bless you, and keep you–and grant you His peace.

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